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In a first, a Chinese company has advanced the science of 3D printing by printing 10 houses entirely out of recycled materials, in just under a day.

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Evolution of the NYC Subway[963×1246][GIF]

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The fist getting printed…

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Chicago-based artist Joshua Harker recently unveiled this 3D-printed sculptural self-portrait titled 21st Century Self-Portrait

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"One of humanity’s prime drives is to understand and be understood. All other living creatures are designed for highly specialized tasks. Man seems unique as the comprehensive comprehender and co-ordinator of local universe affairs."

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The World’s first 3D printed metal gun

Texas based Solid Concepts have produced the world’s first 3D printed metal gun which has fired over 50 shots to date. The Austin based firm used a direct metal laser sintering process (DMLS) which allowed them to produce all parts except springs.

The assembly process takes between five and seven minutes and relies totally on metal components to work. Previously, the Liberator – until this point the most sophisticated example of a 3D printed gun available – could only be shot once and is manufactured from plastic.

Designs for the Liberator were shared online earlier this year and sparked controversy with fears of guns being manufactured in people’s homes. Modelled on a WWII pistol it was accurate to just a few metres whereas the Solid Concepts version has been filmed hitting targets dozens of metres away. Ammunition is .45 Winchester white box types which are sold separately.

Printing illegal firearms at home has long been a concern, making it into political debates regularly. Great Manchester police made headlines at the start of October when they supposedly discovered parts for a 3D printed gun. Later this was proved not to be the case with the seizure actually being items for the printer itself.

Metal 3D printing requires very different machines to ones currently available for domestic use. You then need access to powdered metals and the right expertise to make a pistol from scratch. Cost is the main deterrent to criminals with large sums of cash needing to be outlaid.

DMLS manager at Solid concepts said: “We weren’t trying to figure out a cheaper, easier, better way to make a gun - that wasn’t the point at all. What we were trying to do was dispel the commonly-held notion that DMLS parts are not strong enough or accurate enough for real-world applications.”

The company’s head of marketing, Scott McGowan, added: “There are barriers to entry that will keep the public away from this technology for years.”

Check out a video of the gun in action here.

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Lodz, Poland

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Intensity of Suicide in France, 1872-1876

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A British soldier relaxing at his jungle base during the Burma campaign, May 1944.

He only has one shoe. I wonder the story behind that because he doesn’t even seemed bothered.


One hundred years ago, on February 20th 1909, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti published the first Futurist Manifesto. In the same year, Henry Ford put into operation the first assembly line in his car factory in Detroit. Both events can be considered as the inauguration of the century that placed trust…